Thursday, July 10, 2014

Bootstrap this.

Another year, another site redesign. This time it's Twitter's Bootstrap framework. Whoopee! Simpler to code for than pretty much any other framework I've seen and reasonably easy to modify, but still too many levels of inheritance so it's not always clear where a css change needs to be made - and the level of complexity in the css means most sites that use the framework look like they use the framework instead of being their own unique thing.

But forget the technical whining, what about content? Oh yeah - lots of new content. Most significantly, the Myth 2 Handbook - a classic Myth 2 book is available for the first time in digital form/online. The HTML version is here in the MythGraveyard, PDFs can be downloaded from udogs (to save bandwidth). Added some articles, a guide to the 5 Kingdoms map, and lots of of long-dead newly-resurrected Myth sites and pages in the Dead Site Archives like Geezers from Hell, Version's Map Foundation, Tron Total Conversion, The Wargamer (Green Berets review), Men of Rohan, Dark Angel's sucky TFL Tourney, Mything Under the Influence (mua), etc.


ps. The value of the MythGraveyard continues to rocket skyward, if this keeps up I'll be monetizing the site and retiring to a beach where I can put my feet up and spend my days sipping margueritas.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

tap...tap...tap... is thing on?

Another year, another theme. This one is "responsive", meaning no more tables for layout. Total pain in the ass trying to find one that works well and isn't impossible to modify. It's fairly friendly for devices with small screens too.

New menu structure/organization, lots of new content, etc.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Readme or die!!!

1800+ map and plugins readmes in the Documents section. Cleaned up the theme a bit, changed the headline/title typeface, still some work to do to make things look consistent and clean.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Some new content

New: Trow-kicking page-not-found error page. New: A history of the uDogs. New: Tournaments of Champions tournament site New: mythgraveyard editorial note box Updated: Cleaned up and tightened up the layout a bit, improved the related links code, added logic to display links to The Tain.

Monday, July 16, 2012

well, that was a short break.

as i was working on organizing the rest of the myth-related files on my HD so I could load them into the graveyard, the new site owner somehow managed to screw up all the cataloging i had done.

so i am back to actively running the site again.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Re-tagging/indexing is finally done. took the "opportunity" of 1/3 of the tags getting wiped out (thank you Charles) to redesign the tagging system. It's better now. More accurate, easier to search for similar items. everything should be tagged properly now so that when you are viewing a page, similar search links show up in the sidebar. speaking of searching, the title search has been prettified up a bit, there's a title search available to search through 'hard copy' documents that aren't in the db as articles, and the search results screens have been tightened up a bit. other than that, some tweaking of the css to cleanup the theme so it looks less hodge-podge, & added ye old myth-like font back to the header (i keep changing my mind).

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Welcome! My name is Charles d'Ghol I'm running myth graveyard while the vinyl takes a break.

First thing I do is make a new theme so it has a nice look and feel, now looks great the myth graveyard. I hope you like it.